Sex during period


Sex during period

Period sex is one of the topics that evokes so many emotions. Is menstrual blood still taboo? Sexual activity during period bleeding does have some advantages…

Paulina Pomaska

Published: 15.02.2022 9 minreading time

Sex during period

Illustration: Jarek Danilenko

Whether you go for it and decide to have sex during your period depends on several things. First and foremost, it’s all about how you view menstrual blood and how it makes you feel. Additionally, there’s the fear of your partner’s reaction to possible blood stains or clots on the body or sheets. The stress associated with spotting can easily remove all the pleasure of sex; what’s more, it can make us want to stay at home and give up all kinds of activities altogether.

You know what they say: ‘it takes two to tango’, which is why the other quite significant puzzle piece is your partner and their approach. The most important thing: communication. The fear, most often, stems from lack of knowledge. Many people refuse to have period sex because they care about the well-being of the menstruating person or think that their libido is close to zero.

How to break this cycle then? How about… (attention please, crazy idea coming up!) starting things off with a conversation? :) The thing that merits emphasis is: SEX ON YOUR PERIOD CAN BE ENJOYABLE if you’re ready for all the things that come with it. It requires trust, safety, and certainty in the intimacy department. We’re talking about both physical and mental comfort.

Psst! If you’re wondering if it’s okay to masturbate during your period, make no mistake: there are no contraindications! ;)

Sex during your period — advantages

The fact that you’re menstruating doesn’t mean that you must hit pause on your sex life! Although period sex can be a bit messy, it is safe (provided that you follow our instructions!). Also, you might find it quite pleasurable!

Simple(r) way to orgasm

Some sexually active people claim that the best orgasms can be achieved during menstruation. How is this possible? During menstrual bleeding, hormonal balance is somewhat disrupted; moreover, our sex organs become engorged, leading to increased sexual arousal and touch sensitivity. All this makes sex more intense. You can also count on natural lubrication during your period, which also adds to the whole experience. Blood acts as a natural lubricant, so it allows you to enjoy yourselves without the extra support.

(Sex)mission update: new position

Sex during your period can give you somewhat different sensations than normally. During those days, the cervix usually opens up and lowers (to facilitate easy menstrual flow). Some say that it’s the perfect opportunity to try new sex positions. Be cautious, though! You may find that when you’re on your period, the positions that had always been optimal for you, are now painful and uncomfortable.

Looser and more pleasurable!

Another advantage to period sex is the fact that orgasms can ease period cramps! When you reach the climax, the muscles in your vagina contract first only to loosen up immediately after, which can alleviate the menstrual pain. It’s also good to know that sex releases natual analgesics — endorphin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Sex organs during periods are engorged and receive more blood, which leads to feeling more pleasure during sex. ‘Relax’ hormones are released, the vagina is naturally lubricated, and the sex drive accelerates. When does this madness end? COME and see!

Short answer: shorter periods

As promised, the advantages are abundant! Here’s another one. Did you know that sex, in theory, can shorten your period? Muscle contractions during orgasms can accelerate the outflow of vaginal discharge, flushing the shed endometrium out faster. We can’t say for sure that this will be the case for you because this is a rather individual feature, but you might want to try it out and see for yourself!

Menstruation is a good time to look for other ways of pleasing yourself, not necessarily through penetration.

Oral sex during your period

This option to have a good time amidst your menstrual flow is also totally fine. What worries most people who’d like to enjoy this type of entertainment the most is obviously hygiene. However, there are a few solutions that can help everything stay spotless during oral romps. More on this in our other article: Hygiene during period - tips on taking care of yourself.

How to stay clean during oral sex?

A good thing to try would be a menstrual cup that collects period blood in a container, preventing it from leaking out of the vagina. At the same time, the whole thing stays inside (unlike a tampon string).

The alternative is a menstrual disc that works similarly to the cup, guaranteeing even 12 hours of ‘no leaks’. Moreover, such menstrual discs can be used during vaginal sex that involves penetration. Flexible discs are meant to be inserted into the vagina, just as you would put a tampon there, with one difference only — the disc should be placed higher, by the vault of the vagina.

Furthermore, to fly off and enjoy period sex to the fullest (also involving penetration), and to get the whole ‘leaking business’ completely out of your mind, you might want to try a menstrual sponge. The application looks exactly the same as with tampons, and the sponge itself can perfectly adjust to the situation inside you and you won’t even feel it’s there. It can effectively absorb menstrual blood, which makes it ideal also for other types of activities (swimming pool or sauna).

Note: you can find natural and chlorine-free sponges marked as ‘reusable’. Well, as far as a menstrual cup is concerned, we have no doubts that if you treat it as your friend and keep it well-preserved, you can safely use it even for 2 years. Sponges, on the other hand… let’s say we don’t trust them this much and recommend disposable, single-use ones only. There’s no way that anyone can thoroughly clean it!

How to have sex during your period?

The biggest downside and concern as far as period sex is concerned is… the mess. Blood can find its way to sheets or your bodies, especially if you have a heavy flow or you’ve just started bleeding. How to avoid it and minimise the ‘losses’?

  • Spread a dark towel on the bed. This way you’ll protect the bedsheet from possible stains. You can also invest in special bedding that you’ll use only during ‘those days’. Additionally, ask at your chemist’s for specialised soaker pads which will certainly do the job! The good news, and not that revelatory, is that blood isn’t hard to wash off in case of a ‘disaster’. ;) Simply soak the sheets quickly in cold water, spritz some stain remover on, and wash them.

  • Have a bath or shower sex. This form of sexual intercourse will allow you to fully eliminate the problem of prospective stains; and, what’s more, it can be a diversifying sexual experience. Sex in the shower is an excellent solution for those who want to try having sex during period, but are afraid of its bloody consequences.

  • Use condoms. As we’ve said, it’s safe to have sex during your period for you and your partner. However, you must not forget about birth control because having unprotected sex during your period can still result in a pregnancy. Ovulation might jump-start even when your period symptoms have not yet ceased; and sperm can live up to five days in the body. Besides, there’s an increased risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as the mucosa is engorged, the cervix is open, and the vagina pours out blood.

  • Have a damp cloth on hand. Try to keep a wet cloth or wipes near the bed or around other places where you usually have sex. After the deed, you’ll be able to quickly get rid of any blood stains that might occur, making it easier to clean everything up later. You can bring everything back to its place down there using intimate wipes that are available in our online shop.

  • Take a shower before any sexual activities. Although ‘sloppy sex’ can sometimes be one of the most passionate, it’s necessary to take care of intimate hygiene and wash off the blood that might have flown out of the vagina. Additionally, a cleansing shower can help you loosen up a bit, which makes it an excellent foreplay. Remember not to rinse the inside of your vagina, for example by directing the shower head straight into your private part or by irrigating it! This might lead to some serious infections. Your vagina can cleanse itself and doesn’t need your help.

  • Trust gravity. If you fear that you might have a heavier flow this time, you can use, for instance, the missionary position. This way it’ll be gravity’s job to worry about leaving your bedding clean ;) There will also be less blood towards the end of your period, when the flow is weaker.

The key to having fun sex (not only during periods) is the word ‘safe’. Which is why we’re circling back to condoms for a moment. A major concern related to sexual activity during period is the risk of contracting an STI, such as HIV or viral hepatitis. The viruses live in blood and can spread by contact with menstrual blood. Although it is different from the ‘regular’ blood that flows through our veins and arteries, this does not affect the transmission of the disease. You already know that our sex organs during menstruation are pumped with blood, which strengthens sex sensations; however, this same thing makes them more susceptible to infections and prone to injury. Therefore, if you really want to practise safe sex, always use condoms during your period! Using them significantly reduces the risks of spreading or catching venereal disease.

Using birth control, which includes barrier methods, is also essential if you don’t want to get pregnant. No matter the stage of the menstrual cycle you're at, conception can occur at any moment! Menstruation is not an exception here. Fertile and infertile days are only a framework, not a strict rule, and they are usually calculated for a typical menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days. There’s never 100% certainty though. Your chances of conceiving are considerably lower, of course, but there’s always a risk that you might get pregnant during your period.

On an important note, it’s worth mentioning something that might seem obvious, but when you forget about it, things can get really bad. If you’re on your period and want to have sex but you’re a ‘tampon person’, remember to take it out first. A forgotten tampon is not something comfortable to deal with when you get to business. ;) You might want to remember that, although the natural lubrication that period provides, removing a tampon just before sex can absorb the natural moisture. So, to feel more comfortable, it’s recommended to get some extra support — for example, our intimate gel.

Cross it off your ‘to-do list’

Sexual activity during period has certainly numerous advantages. However, it can only be a truly positive and fulfilling experience when all participants do it out of their own free will. So don’t push it if, despite having the conversation with your partner, they still have doubts. Maybe they will change their mind once they’ve read our article… ;)

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