Bosom Buddy pin

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Bosom Buddy you will want to hang out with a lot. Let’s make it clear, apart from looking incredibly cute, it also sends an important message: having breasts makes you blessed. Wear with pride!

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About the pin

It is 19 mm (0.75 in) wide. The metal butterfly clasp in the back makes it stay in place and allows it to accompany you wherever you wish to bring it. It can serve as a friendly reminder that self-examination is a must. From your chest or anywhere else, it’s going to spread loads of love to the world: with every pin sold, the fabulous Polish Rak’n’Roll foundation gets funds to support cancer patients. Good job!

Our packaging is eco-friendly

You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?


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