Intimate wash 500 ml

Aloe vera and lactic acid to soothe the skin

500 ml (16.9 oz)

Vegan, super gentle towards (not just) your intimate parts, with a big 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.) 100% recycled plastic bottle and 99.5% ingredients of natural origin — yay, more to adore!

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A bottle to lean on if you:

  • often get intimate infections

  • suffer from irritation and allergies

  • have red, dry skin

  • follow everyday body care (hair included!) routine

  • Take a peek

    Love at first sight, the wash really is a good catch: it’s hard to bring up any of its flaws, and it definitely flows. A true helper to the very last drop, it will stay close on bad days, keep infections at bay, help maintain the optimal pH in your intimate area, and prove to be pretty generous — you won’t see the bottom for quite a bit because you’re getting 500 ml (16.9) of it!

    Key ingredients





    • Agnes D.

      Thank you ❤️

      I had an issue with inflammation and got some meds from a doctor, but the gel I was using at the time didn’t help with the recovery. I switched to yours and, together with the meds, it has finally freed me from horrific discomfort and helped me heal. Thank you ❤️

    • Anita

      I’m loving it!

      The intimate wash is extremely gentle: the skin doesn’t get irritated or dry! It does exactly what it should, treating the most delicate parts of our bodies to gentle care 😊😊 I’m loving it!

    • Magdalene

      Pure perfection 😊

      😊 The intimate wash is pure perfection 😊

    • Agnes

      I only left the teeth out 😛

      A Polish brand with good-quality products is what I look for on the market. After a few weeks of ignoring your sponsored ads (because of the “friendly” marketing style, so appreciated by many, but I just don’t fancy it) I thought I’d give it a try too. I went with the flow and used the wash for the whole body, from head to toe. Love it! If there’s anything worse than period for me, it must be hair issues – mine gets greasy, even right after washing, and awfully tangled. I was soooo skeptical about washing it with your intimate wash and, especially because I’m no eco-freak, while doing it I just thought that if it didn’t lather up, it stood no chance of giving me a good wash. Debunked. After about 15 hours I am able to run my fingers through my clean, voluminous hair smoothly. If things stay that way the next few times I wash my hair, your intimate wash might be the only cosmetic on my shower shelf. I only left the teeth out 😛, but I wouldn’t mind a toothpaste with a simple ingredient list either. I’d like to add that my private parts are truly grateful too. I already forgot what it’s like to not feel any burning sensation down there. My armpits do not smell at all and I didn’t use my antiperspirant on purpose – I thought there would be some space for complaining but there isn’t, because everything’s cool. I would gladly contribute to fighting period poverty by placing an order at your shop. I already know I’ll like the pads too. I gave them a good look yesterday and I appreciate how well-protected they are (the wrapping is sealed so it won’t get open and dirty in the depths of my bag). You can clearly see the attention to details. Because of my job I can’t put such a personal review up on your page but I wanted you to know that I support you and pass on huge thanks for doing stuff so well and putting so much effort into that.


    • What is the pH level of the organic intimate wash?

    • Is the intimate wash safe during and after pregnancy?

    • What is the bottle made of?

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