It takes two

Soothing hemp and sweet almonds

2 x 30 ml (2 x 1 oz)

The intimate oil and SOS cream are our divine duo: hemp seed oil moisturises, sweet almond oil nourishes, and jojoba oil firms the body. It takes two to love, but how about you make a trio?

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  • Safe for sensitive skin

  • Free from dyes

  • Natural

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

  • Take a peek

    If your skincare routine could do with a little novelty, grab this set as an ideal remedy! We bet these two will help you find tons of joy and satisfaction in being good for yourself and your body again.

    The intimate oil will take care of your delicate intimate areas (or any other you’d like) and take on irritation and dryness. It is made with 99% natural ingredients, so have a pleasant rub without hesitation! The cream will do its very best to soothe and hydrate your cheeks, lips, knees, or elbows, and it comes in two versions: lavender-rosemary or unscented — because we like to give you a choice!


    Our packaging is eco-friendly

    You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?




    • Monika

      The cure for all irritations and more 💖

      The cure for all irritations and more 💖 This oil is simply irreplaceable 💖 After depilation, for irritations, dry skin, great for makeup removal, cracked lips and most importantly - finally got rid of the discomfort in intimate areas 🙏

    • Aleksandra

      Immediately softens and moisturizes, I have much less irritation after shaving

      Non-scented, non-sticky. It instantly softens and moisturizes, I have much less irritation after shaving. It's wonderful! And it's just a shame that it's so scarce!

    • Liza

      I never even realized I needed a product like this!

      It was love at first use! I never even realized I needed a product like this! I finally said goodbye to shaving irritation. The oil is great for moisturizing, nourishing, and my skin feels more supple. I love it more than life!

    • Karolina

      The oil saved my face

      I wanted to thank you guys for the intimate oil ❤️ However it sounds the oil saved my face. I have very sensitive skin with acne tendencies (more imperfections than rosacea). I occasionally lubricate my face with naphthalene carboxylic acid cream, it's always a rage after, but now I thought I was going crazy. My face was burning, itching, burning, pinching.... 😣 I was lubricating my face with your oil morning and night and miracle!!! Zero irritation, scarring, redness, relief like I don't know what 😊 Thank you 😘

    • Anita

      The perfect companion for any trip.

      Works great, soothes irritation after shaving and works well on dry areas on the body such as hands. The perfect companion for any trip.



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    • What can I use the cream for?

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