Intimate gel

Natural water-based lubrication

50 ml (1.7 oz)

A bold backup in it-takes-two love scenarios, this water-based vegan lube will also keep you company when going solo. The formula consists of 0% glycerine and 98% ingredients of natural origin (like aloe and hemp seed extract). Friendly towards silicone toys, it’s bound to inspire some ooh la las!

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Have a fling and get:

  • more pleasure from sex with your partner or solo

  • relief from vaginal dryness, owing to the gentle hemp formula

  • exceptional glide, lubrication, and safe sensation

  • a playful friend for all your condoms and toys

  • Take a peek

    Our vegan, natural lube in a glass container makes sure everything goes smoothly, while the handy pump helps with precise application. The non-sticky water-based formula guards the body from irritation and dryness, leaves no stains, and can be easily washed off. The aloe and hemp seed extract provide relief, as well as moisturise and pamper the vagina and intimate parts.

    If you’re prone to yeast infections, suffer from vaginal dryness, and need a truly natural, safe-to-use lubricant, you’re in the right hands. As opposed to some other lubes, this one is paraben, oil, glycerin, dye, and fragrance free. It contains 98% ingredients of natural origin, as it’s always important to us to stay close with Mother Nature. Good enough reasons to (make) love? Go and reach the peak of pleasures!

    Key ingredients


    Our packaging is eco-friendly

    You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?




    • Agatha

      It was definitely the best lubricating gel I have ever used

      Compared to any drugstore gel, it is an undisputed favourite! It is definitely softer, with a more pleasant texture and no artificial smell. In comparison with a professional gel from a sex shop it also compares very well. When used vaginally I was delighted, it was definitely the best lubricating gel I have ever used. It really worked perfectly. It did not cause any irritation, I would be inclined to buy such a gel and recommend it to others.

    • Agatha

      Generally speaking, it's great!

      Hi! I (and my fiancé) can evaluate your lube now. Generally speaking, it's great! The consistency is a big plus, it's adequately slippery, almost identical to natural discharge. It distributes easily and isn't sticky, as opposed to some other gel we're using at the moment. It's silky, not chunky, and it leaves no stains. The glide it provides is right for foreplay and the beggining of an intercouse, and it gives a really natural-feel experience. It didn't cause any irritation on neither my nor my fiancé's (allergic) skin :slightly_smiling_face: We managed to avoid rubbing thanks to the right level of lubrication and we didn't get any redness or other allergic reactions :slightly_smiling_face: It was very pleasant to use and we'd like to do that again, preferably with the full size product. Cheers, Agata

    • Eliza

      The gel lubricated the cup very well, making application easier than ever

      The consistency of the gel is very pleasant, jelly-like, so it spreads easily. Thanks to its consistency, it does not drip off and does not get messy all over (unlike the gels I have used before). I tested the product mainly with a menstrual cup due to very limited time. The gel lubricated the cup very well, making application easier than ever. I also applied a little bit of the product to the skin on my thigh to see if there would be a reaction or irritation, but nothing like that happened. I like the product very much. It's complete, gentle and simply very good.

    • Patricia

      This gel is brilliant, one of your best products

      This gel is brilliant, one of your best products. The lack of fragrance is a plus and it doesn't cause irritation, as opposed to the competition. The consistency is very nice, not too runny — a big plus. It's very efficient too, as you only need a little bit to feel good. No allergy or irritation, or any adverse effects, for that matter — and that's pretty unusual for me. Additional kudos for the beautiful package, eco-friendly filling, and cool freebies! I'm sure I'll order a full size bottle when it's available in the future, and I'll recommend it to my friends

    • Kate

      It has the perfect consistency, provides very good and long-lasting lubrication (I was surprised a product could do that so well!)

      Hi, Your KAYA, as for your intimate gel, it's phenomenal. It has the perfect consistency, provides very good and long-lasting lubrication (I was surprised a product could do that so well!), and didn't cause any irritation, rash, or discomfort. On the contrary, it gives the “glide” of your dreams. Hope I've helped. Good luck!


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