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Biodegradable, flushable, vegan intimate wipes
Biodegradable, flushable, vegan intimate wipes

Intimate wipes

Natural, perfect for sensitive skin, with recyclable packaging — meet 20 vegan, biodegradable, flushable intimate wet wipes that you can easily take with you whenever, wherever… Just toss them into the bag and you’re ready to go!

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Inside you’ll find skin-safe, gentle, vegan ingredients: biodegradable and flushable plant fibres (cellulose and viscose) with organic aloe vera, panthenol, and allantoin extracts. Just like any other Your KAYA product, the intimate wipes lack chemicals, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances, because we know that you’re not quite into them, to say the least. The wipes are user- and environmentally-friendly, ideal for delicate skin, so if yours could do with a little help, be sure to add them to your basket.

Our feminine wipes (perfectly fine to be used by men too, ‘cause why not!) come in a convenient, recyclable package made of a monomaterial to help you keep the vulva clean and retain its pH balance. Place them in your bathroom, gym bag, or purse, and use when flying to New York, sleeping over, or having just about the wildest on-the-go experience you can think of. It’s something you’ll soon find indispensable for many reasons, like unproblematic use and how gentle the wipes are towards the skin.

Key ingredients


It soothes, locks the moisture in place, and stimulates skin cell regeneration.


Speeds up healing processes, soothes irritation, and strengthens blood vessels.


Allantoin moisturises and helps regenerate the skin.


Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, Allantoin, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid.

suitable for sensitive skin

20 pack

vegan, flushable, biodegradable

Intimate wipes

4.25 €


Our packaging is eco-friendly

You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?


  • Are the intimate wipes biodegradable and flushable?

    Yes and yes. Our wipes boast natural ingredients, as they’re made from plant fibres, lack alcohol, dyes, and other additives that might increase the risk of an infection. These intimate wipes do decompose so you don’t need to worry about flushing them down. They’re easy and extremely convenient to use. Each one of the wipes freshens up and cleanses the skin in your vagina area keeping the natural pH balanced and not causing irritation.

  • What is the packaging made from and how does it differ from similar products?

    Zadbaliśmy o to, by nasze jednorazowe chusteczki i ich opakowanie nie szkodziły środowisku – dlatego paczka nadaje się do recyklingu (co nie jest standardem na rynku, ale nam się to udało!). To polipropylen (PP) ze specjalnym laminatem, dzięki któremu ograniczyliśmy ilość plastiku o co najmniej 30% w porównaniu do opakowań podobnych produktów dostępnych w sklepach. Zamknięcie na naklejkę jest też bardziej ekologicznym rozwiązaniem od popularnych zatrzasków na kliknięcie, zapobiega wysuszeniu produktu i gwarantuje każdorazowo uczucie świeżości, kiedy nie możesz skorzystać z kąpieli.

  • Are your wet wipes dermatologically tested?

    Of course. Vegans and vegetarians might want to know that we do not test on animals. Dermatological supervision helped us make our body wipes vegan, gentle, and sensitive-skin-friendly all at the same time. If you’re looking for softness, proper pH balance, natural protection, and care, go for them! Like reading cosmetic labels real close? Take a look then: zero synthetic, irritating fragrances or unpleasant ingredient kind of information; instead, you can enjoy organic aloe, panthenol, and allantoin extracts, which provide a natural experience – not just during menstruation. Without question, try them out if you want to feel proper freshness and that you’re in full control.

  • How do I use these (not just) feminine wipes?

    Here’s the information you need: use the wipe to gently cleanse the body area where the product is needed. It will keep your pH balanced, protect the vagina, and fit into your favourite bag. Need more reasons to love the formula? Well, you can use the natural wipes in virtually any circumstances — a very convenient little something, the product will wipe any dirt or unwanted bodily fluids off the skin and help you stay clean whenever needed. The feminine wipes can also prevent unpleasant smell from occurring and decrease the risk of fungal infection. They don’t irritate sensitive, allergic skin; just remember to use them front-to-back and you’re there (on a plane, an exotic trip, a boat, a music fest… Sky’s the limit!).

  • What is the packaging made from and how does it differ from similar products?

    We made sure our intimate wipes and their packaging wouldn’t harm the environment — that’s why the package is perfectly suitable for recycling (not a standard on the market, and yet we did it!). It’s the polypropylene (PP) with special laminate, thanks to which we’ve managed to reduce plastic waste by at least 30%, compared to similar products packaging available in stores. The peel-and-seal closing mechanism proves to be a more eco-friendly option than popular plastic lids. It guarantees you’ll be feeling fresh when using the bathroom is not an option.

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