Candle No. 4


Ah, what a treat it would be to catch the first breath of spring, aroma of a citrus grove, and woody notes of cedar symphony in a big jar! We kept that in mind when working on our vegan soy candle no. 4. Is your nose ready for a blend of deep cedar, fresh bergamot, and sweet verbena? If the answer is yes, take a deep breath (no toxins, no worries) and… Spring, let’s have a fling!

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  • About the candle

    Aromatic vegan dream of even the pickiest of noses, our wood-fruit candle owes its pronounced yet not overwhelming scent to pure, natural cedar, bergamot, and verbena essential oils. Although you might call it intoxicating, it produces zero toxins and doesn’t give either you or Mother Nature a headache — it’s 100% soy wax with a cotton-hemp wick we have accommodated in the custom-made frosted glass jar.

    No animal or connoisseur nose was harmed in the process of making the candle. The enchanting scent of candle no. 4 was tested (and lovingly approved) by Kaja, Gosia, Magda, and Marcy. Thanks to the sensitive nostrils of our team you can be sure you’re in for a spoil-my-senses session — one that lasts for up to 55 hours!


    Our packaging is eco-friendly

    You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?


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