Cotton bag

Perfect for the cup and your knick knacks


Hide-and-seek is over! From now on, all your goodies fall into place — no more deep diving into the depths of your bag or backpack in panic mode. Made with cotton, the bag fits almost anything you can get your hands on. Not too flashy but conveniently stash-y, it’s a secure spot you will soon find indispensable.

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About the bag

Although pretty basic-looking, it still can pull something out of the bag. Perfect for storing our menstrual cup or pads and tampons, it will also accommodate your cosmetics, tissues, keys, and other necessities you like to keep close.


95% cotton, 5% elastane

• with a Your KAYA patch

• Practical: use it as a makeup bag, pencil case or whatever you wish

• capacious: around 13 x 13 cm (5.1 x 5.1 in)

Cotton bag


6 €


Our packaging is eco-friendly

You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?


  • Where is it made?

    We came up with the idea and designed the bag a long time ago in Warsaw. A sewing studio near Łódź (the Polish textile and fashion metropolis) makes them for us. It’s super soft and stretchy thanks to the cotton-elastane mix!
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