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A set of Your Kaya products for two months with tampons
Save up to 25%
A set of Your Kaya products for two months with tampons
Save up to 25%

2 months set with tampons

Just like we don’t love bra underwire poking into our armpits (ouch!), we’re not fans of remembering to... remember. Hence the set dedicated to freeing up some headspace and keeping you cool and collected no matter what your period throws at you. Subscribe to save up to 25%!

Deliver every:


  • 100% organic cotton

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Fragrance free

  • Free from dyes

  • Take a peek

    Once you dig into the package (is it just us, or does it always feel like doing one of those unboxing videos?), you’ll see: 2 customised boxes of tampons, a 500 ml (16.9 fl. oz.) bottle of vegan intimate wash with a pump, a box of 40 pantyliners, and… a nice surprise. In no particular order, but delightful either way!

    Our products have nothing to hide but fudge likes to play hide-and-seek under the water-soluble package filler, so remember to shake it around to find the sweet treat. You can rest assured that the fully-biodegradable GOTS certified organic cotton tampons and pantyliners, as well as the gentle aloe wash inside a 100% recycled plastic bottle, will get along with sensitive skin — we’ve tried ourselves.

    2 months set with tampons

    29 €


    Our packaging is eco-friendly

    You will not find a trace of plastic in your package! We use loose plant-based filler that you can put in a green bin or dissolve in water that you later on use for your flowers — smart, huh?



    • Martha

      I’ve really felt the difference

      Generally speaking, pantyliners, pads and tampons never made my skin irritated but ever since I switched to natural liners, I’ve really felt the difference between them and other popular brands 😍

    • Monica

      I’m happy with my choice!

      I bought the tampons recently and they’re as good as the TV-advertised brands. Yours, however, are made with 100% cotton and zero plastic!!! I’m happy with my choice!

    • Monica

      I am very much impressed!

      Two months in and, cross my heart (or, rather, private part 😉), I am very much impressed. I use the tampons and intimate gel. I used to get all sorts of irritation during periods but ever since I started using the gel – not even a trace 😊 and the tampons are absorbent and comfortable.

    • Eve

      I’m so glad I have tried your tampons!

      I’ve tried Your KAYA tampons for the first time 🙂 And I’m so glad I have! The pain I used to get from using tampons is now gone and my period is way easier to go through! Awesome! 🙂

    • Ana

      THEY’RE THE BOMB! For real.

      Some time ago I bought YK tampons and I feel like I must share my experience. THEY’RE THE BOMB! For real. They’re great, absorbent, gentle and very comfortable. For a few months I’ve been battling various infections I got down there mainly from using other tampons. But these ones are the holy grail. Thanks to you, periods have never been easier to go through. You’re doing it right. I’m going to drop a word in many ears! Thank you! 😘


    • What are your pads, pantyliners, and tampons bleached with?

      Our pantyliners, pads, and tampons are not bleached with chlorine. We only disinfect them with hydrogen peroxide and bleaching is a natural result of the process. You can be sure the products are not contaminated with dioxins or other harmful substances!

    • Is the intimate wash safe during and after pregnancy?

      Our natural intimate wash is safe in case of skin allergies — thanks to the aloe extract and allantoin, it soothes irritation and inflammation. Our customers have had really good experiences with the wash both during and after pregnancy!

    • Have Your KAYA products been dermatologically tested?

      Yes, our products indeed have been dermatologically tested; owing to their simple ingredient lists, they are highly unlikely to cause infections, chafing, irritation, and rashes.

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