We are the change

Talking taboo runs in our blood (properly red, that is — you know, blue liquid from ads is so 2000s). Your KAYA is also about lending a helping hand to the charities close to our hearts. Solidarity FTW!

Our donations in 2021

Charity means never-ending efforts. With your support, we know we can do so much more!

€14,300 donated

15,000 pads and panty liners gifted

62,000 tampons given away

Our latest campaign

Period products for Women’s Rights Centre

In march we collaborated with HAYB to celebrate Women’s Day, and provided period products worth €640 to Women’s Rights Centre (Centrum Praw Kobiet), while HAYB donated €640 to the foundation. It is not the first time Your KAYA and HAYB have supported the Centre, whose goal is to educate the society and protect women’s rights.

If there’s a charity you feel might need our support, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help them out.

Whom we’ve helped in 2021

  • €1100 for Grupa Granica

  • €2200 for Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich

  • 450 boxes of sanitary pads for Okresowa Koalicja

  • 200 boxes of panty liners and pads for YORGHAS Foundation

  • €1430 for Empowering Children Foundation

  • €1320 for Avalon Foundation’s Sekson project

  • €360 for endangered species

  • 1550 m2 of forest planted with Forever Forests

  • €1100 for Campaign Against Homophobia

  • €1100 for Love Does Not Exclude Association

  • €2,200 for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

  • €2200 from an auction for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

  • 61,600 tampons for Dom Nadziei and Po Drugie foundations

Non-stop support

We strive to help others out all year long, empathising with those who put tons of energy into making extremely important things happen on a daily basis.

“Bosom Buddy” pin for Rak’n’Roll foundation

10% of the revenue from the sales of our pins is donated regularly to the Rak’n’Roll foundation, supporting cancer patients. You rock, guys!

Your KAYA Gives Back campaign

Our recurring campaign is dedicated to organisations supporting women and LGBT+ communities’ rights, environmental care, and battling period poverty, to name but a few causes.