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In 2021 alone, we reduced plastic use by 2,000 one-hundred-litre bags. Our products are vegan, top quality, and cruelty-free, boasting at least 96% ingredients of natural origin. Open-minded, we spread awareness of intimate health posting science-based articles at the You KNOW page.

Meet Kaja and Marek, our founders

It all began in 2017, when Kaja Rybicka and Marek Gut created Your KAYA, a small, health-focused, sustainable brand. They had discovered the EU law did not require period product producers to reveal what gets into the pads and tampons they sell; and the list came as a nasty surprise: dioxins, chlorine, poliester, pesticides, and more. The revolution was much needed.

Today, along with 40 team members, they make period and self-care products you can subscribe to conveniently, without stressing out. Our mission is to tackle the taboo by talking honestly and openly about even the most intimidating stuff.

We’ve been recognised as the socially responsible brand of the year by Forbes Magazine.

Welcome to the world of vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free goodies!

Our period products are biodegradable and made of organic cotton. The natural deodorant is refillable, which helps reduce the use of plastic by 45 grams with every purchase. The bottle of our intimate wash is 100% rPET, i.e. recycled (and recyclable) plastic. We reuse parcel boxes whenever possible and always secure them with a water-soluble, plant-based filler. In 2021 alone we managed to avoid producing 2,000 one-hundred-litre bags full of plastic waste!

Our subscription is designed to make lives easier.

You can edit, pause or cancel it whenever you like, with no strings attached. Stop worrying about running out of tampons or pads — we’re here to send them to you regularly so that your periods never come as a surprise and your self-care routine is always on point. Sign up to our newsletter, receive a special code and place your first order with free delivery. Save 15% on each product and be sure our payment system is 100% safe with the PCI Level 1 Service Provider certificate.