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Your Kaya FAQ

Menstrual cup

  • What is a menstrual cup?

    It is a small device collecting menstrual blood. It is inserted into the vagina, like a tampon, and it should sit below the cervix. The air holes make it possible for the cup to create a suction seal against the vaginal wall, preventing leaks; in the beginning, however, you can use a pantyliner or a pad additionally if you are not sure whether the cup has been sealed properly. No worries, a few more cycles and you are going to be a pro at this!

  • How to pick the size of the cup?

    The relevant information and tips can be found in the guide on our blog.

  • Is Your KAYA cup hard or soft?

    Our cup is soft.

  • How to put the cup in and then take it out?

    Wash your hands first, then relax and find a comfortable position: you can either stand, squat, sit, or pull one of your legs up. Fold the cup (creating an S or C shape, for example) and insert it into the vagina. Once you feel it is deep enough, let go of it, and let it pop open and fit to the vaginal walls. To check if it is fully open, you can pull the stem gently to make sure a suction seal has been created. A properly inserted cup will form the seal and you should be able to feel resistance. Do not get discouraged if you did not manage to put it in at the first try! It may take a bit longer for you to get used to it. If you feel comfortable, however, then it means that you have made it and now you can go and conquer the world! Do you feel it is high time you emptied your cup? If so, wash your hands thoroughly, find a comfortable position, and try to relax the vaginal muscles as much as you can. Insert your fingers, grab the bottom of the cup (not the stem yet!), and pinch it gently to break the seal. Then, pull on the stem gently and remove the cup from your vagina.

  • How often should I empty my menstrual cup?

    Similarly to tampons, the cup has its limit — to stay secure, it should be emptied after the maximum of up to 12 hours. A lot depends on how heavy your flow is. After some practice, you will be able to feel when to empty it. In case you are not sure how to go about that, start with emptying the cup as often as you would be changing a pad or a tampon, just to be on the safe side. You will be able to see how fast the cup fills up with blood.

  • How do I take care of the cup to make it last longer?

    First and foremost, stick to the rule to boil the cup for 2-3 minutes before and after every period. Next let it dry and then put it in the cotton bag you got with the cup. Whenever you empty the cup during your period, rinse it with tap or bottled water (if you do not have access to running water). If you cannot do that, wipe it with a tissue, but remember not to do that too often. To wash your cup more thoroughly, use our gentle intimate wash.

  • After how long should I replace my cup?

    A cup that has been taken care of well can be used even for 10 years. Once you notice that it looks or works differently, you should think about getting a new one. Over time, the cup can lose its resilience and, as a result, stop leaning against the vaginal walls properly, causing leaks. You should also get rid of your old cup if you can see signs of wear. If there is something about the cup’s appearance that worries you, get in touch with us — we will be glad to help!

  • What is the cup stem for?

    At the bottom of the cup, you can find the stem; it helps you get the cup out and verify how deep it sits in the vagina. You can also use it to check if the cup has been inserted properly — you should feel resistance when you give it a little pull. Please remember that you should not pull on the stem with force — not only can it cause pain, but it might also result in breaking the stem. If you need to take the cup out, first break the seal by holding the bottom of the cup and pinching it, and then pull on the stem gently. The stem can be trimmed. It is a good solution if you have a low cervix and the standard-length stem causes discomfort.

  • I cannot get the cup out — what do I do now?

    Stay calm, you CAN get it out! Find a comfortable position and relax the muscles. It could be the case that the cup has moved upwards and you cannot feel it with your fingers if you have a high cervix. Once you have found the comfortable position, try to push the cup out using your muscle force. Once it gets low enough for you to touch it, press on the bottom to break the seal and then gently pull down the stem.

  • Can I use the cup overnight?

    There is no reason why you should not wear it during sleep. Just remember that it needs to be emptied after up to 12 hours. You can wear a pad or pantyliner additionally to feel secure those first few nights with the cup, unless you do not mind a little blood on your sheets.

  • Are there any circumstances in which the cup should not be used?

    Not many. It is recommended that you do not use the cup after giving birth and during the first 3 months after an IUD has been put in your uterus. In case of the latter, the cup might cause the IUD to fall out. After the 3 months, you can start using the cup. Just remember to make sure you can still feel the threads hanging out of the womb and that they are placed correctly before you put the cup in and right after your period is over. A retroverted uterus does not cause problems when wearing a cup but it might make the process of putting it in a bit longer. You can also wear the cup when your contraceptive vaginal ring is removed for a week. A properly inserted cup is perfect for moderate sports activities. However, you should be careful when performing exercises that activate the pelvic floor muscles because the cup is soft. In case of questions as to whether you should be using the cup in any particular circumstances or in your health condition, do consult your gynecologist.

  • Can people who have not had an intercourse yet use the cup?

    Lack of sexual experience is not an issue if you want to use the cup. Hymens differ from person to person! Sometimes it is barely visible and doctors have difficulty determining whether a person has already had penetrative sex — it is a truly individual thing then. It is advisable to get prepared for the cup: you can begin with inserting a finger or a tampon into the vagina and checking if that hurts. If not, give the cup a go!

Pads, tampons, and pantyliners

  • How are Your KAYA cotton products different from regular ones?

    Apart from being eco-friendly, our certified cotton day pads are body-friendly too. They do not contain any toxic substances, which could irritate the vaginal mucosa and sensitive skin around intimate areas. We also believe that piles of padding in between your thighs are not necessary to feel comfortable and secure during periods.

  • What certificates do Your KAYA cotton products hold?

    Our pantyliners, pads, and tampons hold the Global Organic Textile Standard certification, awarded to products made with natural fibres after confirming that they do not contain any irritating substances or pesticide residue. You can find more information about the GOTS certificate on their website

  • Why are the ingredients so important?

    It is important to know what gets in touch with the skin around your intimate areas. Regular pads, tampons, and pantyliners are often made with chlorine-bleached cotton, and covered with a plastic layer which might cause irritation or allergies. Synthetic elements of such products are hardly recyclable and litter the planet. In addition, the producers have no legal obligation to disclose the list of ingredients on the packaging. Organic cotton disinfected with hydrogen peroxide is a much better choice!

  • Have Your KAYA products been dermatologically tested?

    Yes, our products indeed have been dermatologically tested; owing to their simple ingredient lists, they are highly unlikely to cause infections, chafing, irritation, and rashes.

  • For how long can you wear a tampon?

    Tampons should be changed at least every 6 up to 8 hours.

  • Are Your KAYA tampons covered with a synthetic layer?

    Our tampons are made with 100% organic, unbleached cotton — we strive to make our products environmentally friendly to avoid littering the planet, so you will not find any artificial coating on them.

  • What is the wrapping of pads and tampons made from?

    Our cotton products are 100% plastic-free. Individual pad wrappings are made from Mater-bi — a biodegradable, naturally sourced biopolymer produced from corn starch. It is best to throw them into a non-recyclable bin waste (no worries, you are doing the right thing, because even though they do not end up in a compost bin, they are still going to decompose quickly and safely). Our tampons’ wrappings, on the other hand, are made from a fully biodegradable and compostable material — NatureFlex™, so you can put them in a green bin.

  • What are your pads, pantyliners, and tampons bleached with?

    Our pantyliners, pads, and tampons are not bleached with chlorine. We only disinfect them with hydrogen peroxide and bleaching is a natural result of the process. You can be sure the products are not contaminated with dioxins or other harmful substances!

  • Can people who have not had an intercourse yet use tampons?

    Lack of sexual experience is not an issue if you want to use the tampons. Hymens differ from person to person. Whether using tampons is or is not going to be comfortable is an individual thing. Your KAYA tampons are available in 3 sizes, so you can choose the one that is going to feel the most comfortable. You could begin by using our mini tampons if you have not experienced vaginal penetration yet.

  • Could I get product samples?

    Sure! Let us know in the order comment section and we will add a few tampons for you to try them out.

Intimate wash

  • Is the intimate wash safe during and after pregnancy?

    Our natural intimate wash is safe in case of skin allergies — thanks to the aloe extract and allantoin, it soothes irritation and inflammation. Our customers have had really good experiences with the wash both during and after pregnancy!

  • What is the ingredient list of Your KAYA intimate wash?

    Here comes the ingredient list: Aqua, Decyl Glucoside, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate. It has been developed in a laboratory under the supervision of cosmetic technologists. The wash has been dermatologically tested too.

  • What pH is the wash?

    The pH of our wash lies in a range between 4-4.6.

  • Is the bottle made from plastic?

    It is made of 100% recycled plastic. Take a glance and you will see that it isn’t fully transparent; after all, used coloured bottles contribute to the making of the bottle too! A big plus: it can be recycled again so do throw it into a recycle bin for plastic waste.

Products manufacturing and where they come from

  • Where are Your KAYA products made?

    All our products are manufactured in the European Union. The cosmetics, textiles, heating pads, pins, and soy candles are made in Poland.

  • How to sort the products and packaging for recycling?

    Used pads, pantyliners, and tampons should be thrown into a non-recyclable waste bin because they contain blood and discharge. The wrappings and back strips of pads and pantyliners are made with Mater-bi, a biodegradable material, so they should go into a non-recyclable waste bin too — there, they will decompose quickly and safely. The individual tampon wrappings can be thrown into a compost bin or a green bin, because they are made with a fully biodegradable and compostable material called NatureFlex™. The loose plant-based fill called skropak needs to go to a green bin too, unless you want to have a little fun with it and dissolve it in water (totally recommended!), which you might then use for watering your plants. The product boxes and cardboard parcel boxes belong to a paper bin. The intimate wash bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, so put it in a bin for plastic waste to let it get recycled again. Our intimate oil, gel, and SOS cream are all put in glass containers, so throw them away into a glass waste bin; their closures and lids should go to a plastic bin.


  • What is it?

    To put it simply, subscription means getting our products delivered to your address every month (or 2, or 3). The first package is sent right after payment and the next are shipped whenever you choose. You don’t need to worry about making transfers in advance; on the day of shipment we automatically deduce the right amount from your account. At any time, you can edit the shipping date or cancel the subscription altogether.

  • How does automatic subscription payment work?

    With periodic shipping, you provide us with your payment card number and we deduce the right amount from it every month (or 2, or 3). Just like Netflix, Spotify, or your favourite magazine!

  • Can I edit the subscription? If so, how?

    Sure! You can edit the list of products subscribed but also the frequency of shipment, delivery method and address. To adjust the settings for your next orders, first sign in to your account and then manage and edit the subscription in the “Your subscriptions” panel.

  • I would like to buy one product in every-two-months subscription and another in every-three-months subscription. How do I go about it?

    If you wish to have your products delivered with different delivery frequencies, please place two separate orders.

  • Is it possible to order one product periodically and another just once, at the same time?

    In such a case, to save you the time and hussle, we would advise you to place one periodic order for both products, and right after that edit the subscription so that you can remove one of the products from the basket.

  • I would like to cancel my subscription. How do I do that?

    To cancel subscription, sign in to your account on Your KAYA website. Then choose “Your subscriptions” from the menu and click on the active periodic order: there it can be either edited or cancelled.

  • Can I apply a promo code to my active subscription?

    Yes! All you have to do is go to the "Your subscriptions" tab after logging into your account and select the black "Edit subscription" button. Find a list of products and underneath a space for the code — enter it there, click "Add" and save the changes. The discount will be applied to your next subscription order, regardless of its renewal date. What does this mean? It means that you can add the code to your subscription and not worry that it is only valid for one day and that your next shipment is only scheduled for next month. We'll lower the cost of your order anyway!

Orders, payment, and delivery

  • Can I find Your KAYA products in physical stores?

    Not yet. For now, our products can be bought in the online store only. They are delivered by a shipping company. Depending on the country of destination, shipping may take between 1-4 working days. If you place your order before 3.15 PM, it will be sent to you on the same day. Please remember that you get free shipping with periodical orders above 25€.

  • How much is the shipping cost?

    4-7€, depending on the country of destination. For subscription orders it is free above 25€, for one-off orders above 50€. Delivery is always quick and very much convenient so that you get your orders just when you need them.

  • Can you send my order abroad?

    Yes, mostly we can. Check out our international shipping & delivery page. In case you cannot find your country on the page above, please send us an email to [email protected] or contact us via Facebook, and we will be happy to give you more information and work together on how to solve the problem.

  • How do I apply a promo code to the basket?

    A promo code can be added to your basket when placing an order. Enter it into the space provided and click on the “Apply” button.

  • Can I place an order without logging in?

    Sure thing! Without logging in, you can place a one-off order — just change the order mode from “in subscription” to “one-off order” in the basket at the top.

  • Is payment by card the only option?

    Payment card is one option but you can also pay using PayPal. Both methods are secure, convenient, and quick!

  • My online payment did not go through — how do I pay for my order now?

    No worries, within an hour from placing an order we send an email to the customer with a reminder about payment and the link to a new express payment system. In case you would rather pay for the order by making a regular transfer, put the order number or a relevant email address in the payment reference field. Transfer the sum to the following account number: 54114010100000244109001004 (IBAN: PL54114010100000244109001004, SWIFT: BREXPLPWXXX).

  • Can I return a product or exchange it for a different one? What address should I use?

    Each case of returning and exchanging products is different, so we would suggest that you contact us via our email ([email protected]) or contact us via Facebook. We will see what we can do.