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Your Kaya FAQ

Menstrual cup

  • What is a menstrual cup?

  • How to pick the size of the cup?

  • Is Your KAYA cup hard or soft?

  • How to put the cup in and then take it out?

  • How often should I empty my menstrual cup?

  • How do I take care of the cup to make it last longer?

  • After how long should I replace my cup?

  • What is the cup stem for?

  • I cannot get the cup out — what do I do now?

  • Can I use the cup overnight?

  • Are there any circumstances in which the cup should not be used?

  • Can people who have not had an intercourse yet use the cup?

Pads, tampons, and pantyliners

  • How are Your KAYA cotton products different from regular ones?

  • Why are the ingredients so important?

  • Have Your KAYA products been dermatologically tested?

  • For how long can you wear a tampon?

  • Are Your KAYA tampons covered with a synthetic layer?

  • What is the wrapping of pads and tampons made from?

  • What are your pads, pantyliners, and tampons bleached with?

  • Can people who have not had an intercourse yet use tampons?

  • Could I get product samples?

Intimate wash

  • Is the intimate wash safe during and after pregnancy?

  • What is the ingredient list of Your KAYA intimate wash?

  • What pH is the wash?

  • Is the bottle made from plastic?

Products manufacturing and where they come from

  • Where are Your KAYA products made?

  • How to sort the products and packaging for recycling?

Orders, payment, and delivery

  • Can I find Your KAYA products in physical stores?

  • How much is the shipping cost?

  • Can you send my order abroad?

  • How do I apply a promo code to the basket?

  • Can I place an order without logging in?

  • Is payment by card the only option?

  • My online payment did not go through — how do I pay for my order now?

  • Can I return a product or exchange it for a different one? What address should I use?