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Discover gentle, vegan Your KAYA cosmetics with at least 96% naturally derived ingredients and GOTS certified organic products for your period

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Intimate hygiene

Periods are not all roses. We neither pretend nor hide behind blue liquid and layers of plastic. On the contrary, our goal is to make things easier for both you and Mother Nature. Are you in?

Body care

We’ve got all you need to provide you with proper care — not just from waist down — and avoid harming the environment. See for your beautiful self!

Nice things

Every single thing in here has been created with loads of love from those who continuously bend over backwards to make them perfect: Gosia had been dreaming about a hot heating pad, Kaja had fancied a forest-scented candle, and Marek had got his hopes up for a pair of mismatched socks — and here they are! Those three and way more. Come and find what’s best for you!

Can you feel the love?

If environmental issues are important to you, what you put on your plate every day is always an informed decision, and the cosmetics you prefer are made with natural ingredients, then this Polish brand definitely should be of interest to you

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